Monday, July 29, 2013

My Fifth Fondant Cake

Fashionista Cake(Make up kit,Hand bag and Shoe):-

This is one of the most wanted to try cake for me.And as usual looking for the occasion to give it a try,my friend's birthday was there and i decided to delight her with this cake.So i baked and decorated this makeup kit cake for my beautiful friend,this turned out pretty much good for the first trial.I have made Nail paint bottles out of fondant,Mac eye shadow and lipstick. The kit bag is a chocolate cake covered in fondant and the matching shoe is made out of fondant too.So here i am sharing some of the pics.

The cake,shoe nail paint bottle is ready,but still the eye shadow and lipstick needs to be on the spot.

Taddaa..,the cake is ready for the birthday girl to cut. Yeehhu i made it again. Feeling Happy:)

Second time i have made this CHANEL hand bag for my kids class teacher's birth day.The class representative asked about making the cake and i then i decided to make this beautiful gift for the beautiful lady.  She was very happy after seeing the cake. She liked it so much that she didn't cut the cake and took it home to show to all her family members. The best thing she said to me is that "Nobody has given me such a beautiful cake in my life before!" and that was so flattering ,i was more happier than her, i guess!...:) so its true if you make some one happy you will be happy. All other parents who were present there, named it as a Masterpiece.So here i am presenting the beautiful Chanel Handbag cake..

This is how the end product came out.
And this is the final Decoration

                                        Thank you for watching! 

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