Monday, August 26, 2013

My Sixth Fondant Cake

R2D2 3D CAKE:-

  R2D2 is one of the important and famous character from Star Wars.And yeah i have a 8 year old Star Wars fan in my home who has demanded this cake on his 8th birthday.And i am always ready to work hard when it comes making about the challenging cakes.So i have tried this huge cake to delight my sweetheart on his 8th birthday. I have baked four cakes for the body and one cake for head,have used the Pyrex glass bowl to bake the head. and one more cake for the base,used pie making tray.And the cake is layered as a black forest cake,with fresh cream icing and cherries.You can see the recipe for black forest cake in baking section.The cake was very heavy and was a hard work.And the whole cake is siting on a stainless steel pot covered with the aluminum foil. So here i am sharing some pics of my R2D2 cake.                                                                                  


                                                      This is how the R2D2 Formed     


And its the time for celebration

This one i made on my friend's son's 7th birthday who is also a big fan of Star wars.It has a small R2D2 figure.
Thank you for watching My creation.Please click the play button bellow to listn to the starwars theme for a real Star Wars feel