Tuesday, April 2, 2013

My Fourth Fondant Cake:- Princess Castle Cake

My fourth Fondant Cake princess castle cake. Baked and Decorated for my Firend's daughter's 10th Birth Day. She is the only princess to her mom so she wished this cake. A new challenge for me. So here i am sharing some pictures. And yes,many thanks to my dear friend Tanu for being a helping hand in making this cake.

It was a big cake to bake and also lots of decorations to make. It took whole night for decoration. I enjoyed making this cake. The big and important concern was transporting this cake to the venue. I used the canvas borad for the base as the cake was very heavy so need to be on a solid base. I carried it on my Lap in my Car, and my dear hubby drove the car so tactfuly that it made the transporting successfull. I Packed all the pillars in a huge box ,very gently so that the decoration wont break. And i placed the pillars on the cake at the venue. Finally when everythig was ready i called the birthday girl and all tiredness went off in a second after seeing her happy face. And the comliments from all guests.

                                                               HURRAY I DID IT!

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