Monday, November 19, 2012


Preparation time:- 30 minutes
Frying time:-30 to 45 minutes
Makes:- 20 to 25 numbers

Hi everybody sorry for posting late,but i guess everybody must be still preparing the snacks. This is a really  yummy,crispy, spicy and easy recipe i have learned from my sister.From long time i wanted to try this recipe but because of some or the other reason was not able to give it a try. But this time i made my mind and tried 
this recipe which turned out really yummy. But the only thing is?, it needs more oil for frying.But must try very yummy and crispy and easily melts in mouth.So here is the recipe.
1)Plain Flour or Wheat flour (Chapati Aata) 2 cups
2)Yellow lentils or Mung dal 2 table spoons
3)Red chili powder 1/2 tea spoon
4)Green Chilies crushed 3 to 4 numbers
5)Garlic grated 1 tea spoon
6)Ginger grated 1 tea spoon
7)Coriander seeds and cumin seeds powder 1 tea spoon
8)Sesame seeds 1 table spoon
9)Chopped coriander 1 table spoon(Optional)
10)Dry fenugreek leaves or Kasuri methi 1 tea spoon (Optional)
11)Butter 1/2 table spoon(Optional)
12)Oil For frying
13)Salt to taste
Special Things required:-
1)One cotton cloth
2)One string
4)Chakali Mould
1)Spread the cloth on a flat surface,pour the plain flour or chapati flour onto it,collect all the corners together and twist in clock wise direction,and tie tight with the help of string to form a potli or parcel(Refer the pictures)
3)Wash mung dal and put 3 table spoons of  water in it.
4)Pour water in the bottom of a pressure cooker, place the base cooker plate,place the mung dal vessel on top of it,cover it with a plate, and on top of that place the flour potli/parcel.
5)Cover the cooker and take 3 whistles
6) When the cooker cools down, immediately remove the potli and beat with the help of a hammer to break it into powder,break all the lumps,the flour should be lumps free at the end.
(This step is really tricky, u have to be very fast in breaking the flour as it hardens too fast if not broken immediately )
7)When the flour is free from all lumps add in green chilipaste,ginger,garlic paste,salt,butter mix well
(Adding butter is totally optional)
8)And add cooked mung dal from cooker and mix well to form a soft dough,if the water is needed other than the dal , then take little bit water to form a soft dough
9)Apply  some oil to the chakali mould ,and insert the dough log into it.
10)Heat oil,apply some oil on aluminium foil pieces,make round chakali shape with the help of chakali mould on the foil pieces. Transfer the chakali gently from foil onto the frying spoon.
11)When the oil is very hot then slide the chakali slowly from frying spoon into the oil and slowly slide it in to the very hot oil. Fry on high flame untill the chakali is firm and then fry on low flame till golden and cooked from inside.
(The oil should be very hot(or boiling) every time you slide the chakali in the oil,other wise it will melt in the oil)And transfer on a paper towel, when cold store in a airtight container.


  1. Chakli looks so yum. oerfect snack duting festive time..thnx for linking it to my event !