Friday, April 6, 2012

Chocolate cake

Chocolate Cake(Egg less):-  

I have tried this cake for my son, as he loves chocolate cake,and the day i decided to bake the cake,it came to my notice that on the day my younger brothers birthday is there ,so it gave me double energy to try this.And believe me this turned out really good than i expected.The taste is like chocolate mud cake. I loved this cake,and all my friends who have tasted the cake loved it too. This is a must try recipe. So here is the recipe.
1) Plain flour/all purpose flour/ Maida 2 cups
2) Granulated sugar 2 cups
3) Baking powder 1 tea spoon
4) Baking soda 2 teaspoons
5) Cocoa Powder 3/4 cup
6) Vanilla extract 1 tea spoon
8) vegetable oil / canola oil 1 cup
9) Hot coffee 1 cup ( That is,mix the 1 tea spoon and 1/4 tea spoon of coffee powder into 1 cup of hot water)
10) Milk 1 cup
11) Silken Tofu 1/2 cup pureed
( Take tofu from packaging and blend it in a hand blender in to a smooth paste)

Ingredients For Frosting/Icing:-

1) Unsalted butter 1 cup
2) Dark chocolate melted (Refer the pictures for how to melt)
3) vanilla extract 1 table spoon

4) salt 1/4 tea spoon
5) Icing sugar 3to4 cups
6) Milk 1/4 cup
7) strong cofee/water/milk 1/4 cup

Method for Baking Cake:-
1) Preheat oven to 325 °Fahrenheit/ 160 °Celsius
2) Grease and flour or place the butter paper/parchment paper into a 22 cm pan or two separate 9 inches pans or u can fill up 6 muffin tray half way and u can use a 8 inch pan for rest of the cake batter.( whatever the pan you r using keep in mind that the pan should be filled up only half way,then only the cake will get enough space for rising. I used 22 cm single pan and after cooling the cake,i cut it in two equal portions)
3) Sift together the flour,salt,baking powder,baking soda,coco powder and sugar into a large mixing bowl.
(The flour will become chocolate in color, i forgot to put the coco powder during sifting,so mine is looking white in the pictures.)
4) Make a well in the center of the sifted flour. Add the canola oil.
5) Add the hot coffee decotion and milk
6) Add the pureed tofu(Remove the tofu from pack using a spoon and blend it into a smooth paste using a blender)and add vanilla extract/ essence.
7) First using a wooden spoon mix together all the ingredients.
8) And then mix it just for 2 to 3 minutes using a hand mixer on low speed.
(Do not over mix.when baking egg less cake the batter should not be over mixed)
9) Pour the batter in the pan whichever you are using, place on middle rack if you are using a single pan ,and if you are using two separate pans place second one the lower rack that means bellow the first one and bake for 45 to 50/55 minutes( by checking in between and if using two separate racks move the second one two the middle rack and first one to the lower rack after 12 to 15 minutes) until a wooden tooth pick inserted in to the center cake comes out clean.(My cake was ready in 55 minutes cooking time depends up on ovens)
10) After the cake is ready take it out from oven ,place it on the cooling rack and let it cool at least for 1.5 hour before removing from the pan, after 1.5 hour run the knife trough the edges of the pan turn it upside down on the cooling rack,and slowly lift the pan and remove the parchment/butter paper.(While turning the cake upside down be extremely care full, chances of breaking the cake are more,so handle it gently)
11) And if your using the spring-clip cake pan then leave it on cooling rack for 1.5 hour ,after 1 .5 hour run the knife through edges and release the clips and remove the ring.And slowly remove the parchment paper/butter paper,after turning the cake upside down on the cooling rack. I used the spring-clip pan ,its very easy to remove the cake from it.
(Refrigerate the cake(do not freeze) by covering into the cling wrap,before icing the cake,so the cake will become stiff and chances of breaking the cake are less while frosting/ icing)

Method for Frosting the Cake:-
(I did the frosting next day the cake baked)
1)Melt the chocolate block using the double boiler method (Refer the pictures for melting the chocolate block)

2)Beat the butter with a electric hand mixer for 1/2 to1 minute or until creamy using a hand mixer on low speed level.
3) Add the melted chocolate, vanilla extract/essence,salt and beat for 1/2 minute
4) Add the 1 cup of icing sugar mix it for 1/2 minute
5) Add the 2 table spoons of milk and 2 table spoons of coffee/water mix it.
6) Add the remaining sugar in 2 to3 portions alternating with milk,coffee,ending with the milk.

7) The frosting should be creamy not watery, if you feel it is becoming watery,adjust the milk and coffee
8) After the frosting is ready,if you baked the cakes in two separate pans then place the puffed side of the cake facing down on a plate and place that plate on a turn table if u have one,if not then place it on a kadhai or pot which you can rotate like a turn table without let falling down the cake .( Be extremely careful while trying this on pot/kadhai)
9)Place the Icing mixture on the cake with a spoon and spread with a flat spatula by turning the table/kadhai/pot gently by moving the spatula backward and forward so that the icing gets spread evenly.
Place the second cake on the top by facing the upper side down and flat side up (If the cake has puffed side then cut out the uneven part gently using the knife to make it flat/balanced) .
10) If u are using one single tin for baking your cake then cut the cake in two equal halves using a big knife(Refer the pictures for cutting),spread the icing on one half and then place the second half on top of it and spread the icing all over the cake.
11) After the cake is covered with icing all over decorate with pilled chocolate flakes and strawberry in the center. You can use your own creative ideas. And the yummy vegan chocolate cake is ready. Enjoy!

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