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Gulab jamun is all time fevourite in my family. And i guess very rare people dosent like GulabJamun.
As here in Australia, as per i know....khoya/ mawa for making GulabJamun is not available. And i have tried making khoya at home and tried making GulabJamun with it but no success..so found this perfect recipe.for making GulabJamun using milk powder. So lets start with the ingredients.

Ingredients for Gulab jamun dough:-                   

1) Milk powder 2 cups
2) All purpose flour/ Maida 2 tea spoons
3) Suji/Rawa 2 teaspoons (Soaked in 1 tablespoon of water for 10 minutes)
4) Unsalted Butter 2 teaspoons (Butter should be at room temperature)
5) Baking Powder 1/2 teaspoons
6) Milk approximately 1/4 cup ( Add the milk slowly at a time very little milk is needed)
7) Oil to fry

Ingredients for Sugar Syrup:-

1) Sugar 1 cup
2) Water enough to cover the sugar / approximately 2 cups
3) Few saffron strands
4) cardamom powder 1/4 tea spoon/ can use rose water (or both)

Method For sugar syrup:-

1) Take a deep pan, add sugar ,add water
2) Bring it to boil , add saffron ,stir in between , continue boiling till it becomes a bit liter than one thread consistancy 

Method for GulabJamun :-

1) Mix milk powder, all purpose flour and baking powder
2) Add butter, mix well by rubbing the flour between your palms
3) Drain all the water from soaked suji,and add it to the mixture, mix nicely by rubbing the mixture in ur palms, so that the suji gets mixed well, all over the mixture.
4) Add the milk slowly to make the soft dough.. Gently mix the mixture, do not apply pressure while mixing it. (Refer the picture for dough consistency, when you break one piece from the dough it should be granular inside, refer the photo for exact idea)
5) After the dough is ready, cover it with a damp tissue papaer or cotton cloth for  10 minutes.
6) After 10 minute divide it in small portions or as per the size of GulabJamun you want.( Refer the picture)
7) Roll these portions by pressing in between the palms in to a round dumplings orr u can roll them in oval shape.Many people like oval shape GulabJamuns.whatever you prefer.
8) Heat Oil in a kadhai or deep pan .The oil should be hot to a correct temperature, that can be checked by placing a small piece of dough in to oil,and it should stay at the bottom for 1 second and it should slowly float up, that is the right temperature for frying the GulabJamun.( to evenly fry the GulabJamun rotate the oil in kadhai with a wooden spoon very slowly, and then place the GulabJamun dumplings and keep stiring the oil till the Gulanbjamun becomes redish brown..(Be extremely carefull during stirring the oil as it can spill out from the kadhai onto the gas burner and fumes wil come out )
9) After the gulab jamun are ready place them on kitchen papers for 1to 2 seconds,by the time boil the sugar syrup,after one boil turn off the heat  and then add the Gulab jamuns slowly in the Sugar Syrup. ( The GulabJamun and the Sugar syrup both must be hot..)  Repeat the same for all batches. Remove the first added gulab jamuns in a bowl before boiling the sugar syrup again.
10) we can add more fun in this for kids, by adding the color in the dough.(Have a look at the pictures bellow) I have tried some by adding the pink color in the dough. My son and his friends just loved it,they were sooo amazed,surprised and excited too by seeing the colored  GulabJamuns inside, which made me smile and very very happy. U can serve these colored GulabJamuns as KalaJamun too.

Ingredients for Gulab Jamuns and Sugar Syrup

All ingredients for Gulab Jamuns mix together
and add butter

Pour in the milk little little at one time
and prepare the soft dough

The dough is ready

After the dough is ready check for its right consistency
 by breaking the piece from it which should look like khoya/mawa

Cover the dough for 5 minutes

Divide the dough in to small portions

Rool them in to round dumplings

Check the correct tempreature of oil for frying GulabJamun

Add the GulabJamuns slowly in the Oil

Stir the Oil round and round with a wooden spoon
very gently without spilling the oil out of the Pan

Add the GulabJamuns in to the hot Sugar Syrup when they are golden brown in color

Yummy Gulab Jamuns Ready
These are the colored Gulab Jamuns i tried

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