Monday, February 7, 2011

vermicelli kheer (Payasam)

Vermicelli Kheer

Vermicelli Kheer is all time favorite in my family. My mother makes vermicelli kheer very often for prasadam.Specially on the Hindu holy day of Chaitra shukla Pratipada known as Gudi Padwa(the beginning of the New year according to the Lunisolar Hindu Calender.  As it is all time favorite for most of the sweet eaters here is the recipe.
(For 1 Bowl)  
Ingredients :-
1 hand full of roasted vermicelli Strands (see thephoto bellow for referance)
1tbsp Ghee
3/4 cup of water
1 & 1/2 cup of full cream warm milk
4 tbsp sweetened condensed milk
1 tbsp sugar( can change the sugar quantity as per taste as we r using sweetened condensed milk)  
4 pinches Cardamom powder and few saffron strands
3 to 4 cashews,almonds, charoli(optional)
Method:- Following are the steps
step -1  In a vessel add ghee , let it become warm add pieces of 2-3 cashews and almonds roast for 1/2 minutes.
step - 2  add vermicelli strands roast for 1/2mints and add water..let it boil for 3 mints
step - 3  add 1 cup of warm milk(u can make the milk warm for 30 secs in microwave) let it boil for 5 minutes
step - 4  add condensed milk by stirring slowly till it get dissolved in the milk. Let it boil till it come to the semi thick consistency, during this boiling stir in between so it wont get stick to the bottom (see the photos for consistency.,do not make it too thick as it will become  thicker when it cools down) Crush the saffron strands in and let it boil once and turn off the flame.
step - 5 add cardamom powder stir it and pore in a bowl  and decorate with cashew pices, charoli(optional) and almond flakes.( we can make the cardamom powder by rolling the cardamom seeds and a few pinch sugar with a roller..it gives fresh fragrance)


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